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Guy in Soldier Costume Takes Train to Party; People Freak out Thinking He’s a Terrorist, Hope Cops Shoot Him

Sadly, it seems the real terrorists really have won.


Obama’s National Address *Edited for Accuracy

On December 6th, Obama addressed the nation on the San Bernardino shooting and ISIS. This is a condensed version.


German Comedy Sketch Exposes American War Lies for the Last 60 Years in 7 Sad but True Minutes

What you are about to see may be considered a "comedy sketch" in Germany, but as sad and pathetic as the whole…


The One Thing You Need to Know About ISIS

America is falling asleep and having an Orwellian nightmare from which so many cannot wake up.

Documenting the Downfall

You Know What the ISIS Soda Can Bomb Means, America

Are you buying this? Regardless, you know what this means, America.