Did the FCC Sing Kumbaya After They Passed Net Neutrality?

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Yay for oligarchical collectivism!

So the FCC passed Obama’s net neutrality, opening the door to not only government regulation of the Internet but eventual censorship, including everything down to this website you are on right now. Oh and the guy running it, Tom Wheeler, has been a huge corporate lobbyist for cable, wireless, and Internet companies in addition to being a fervid (yes, fervid) Obama supporter.


Watch the video above for the moment it was passed. The guy acts like he just walked on the moon while single-handedly saving everyone from a giant asteroid and cancer in one gavel strike, all because a “majority” of three out of a total panel of five unelected bureaucrats have closed the final frontier of the Internet.

And then they all held hands afterwards, like this.

I wonder if they sang Kumbaya, too.

Can Revolution Produce Freedom in the Technological Age of Surveillance and Control?

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Control through electronic surveillance is totally pervasive now… But can technology produce a strong revolution of freedom, independence and self sufficiency as well? I’m hopeful, but not convinced.

After reading up on the history of cybernetics, the ARPA (DARPA) Internet and television, I’m about ready to go Amish, or low-tech Amish.

The Technological Age & The End of Freedom?

Fear and Loss of Freedom Are the Price of Empire

(Truthstream Media.com) The cost-benefit analysis of constant war rates very low for our freedom and prosperity.

Why are Americans asked to live in fear as they go about their daily routines at shopping malls, on trains, buses and airplanes, and at special events like the Superbowl?

Why are so many hundreds of billions of dollars thrown at Homeland Security and other counter terrorism measures which make us less free? Why are so many trillions thrown at the war machine, while the wars themselves are no longer clearly won, or even defined?

Israel Turns off Power to Hundreds of Thousands of Palestinians in the Dead of Winter

Editor’s Note: The weather forecast for West Bank at the time of posting this says the low tonight is 43 degrees…

And the predictable propaganda spin, re commenter ckg on the article below:

Kershner at NYT predictably softens her headline: “With Palestinian Debt Rising, Israeli Utility Briefly Reduces Power to West Bank”. Compare to LA Times headline: “Israel cuts off electricity to thousands of West Bank Palestinians.”

By Annie Robbins of Mondoweiss

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are cashed strapped this winter because Israel is withholding $240 million in tax revenue to the Palestinian Authority as punishment for joining the ICC. This is radical, though it’s not unusual and something we’ve come to expect. But turning off the electricity in the middle of winter as blizzards sweep across the Middle East is nothing short of sadistic. The Los Angeles Times reports Israel cut the power to more than 700,000 Palestinians in two of Palestine’s largest urban areas, Nablus and Jenin, for more than 45 minutes “and warned that more outages are coming if Palestinian officials don’t pay millions of dollars in outstanding debt.”