Mafia BLM Burns Rancher Property and Cows to Show They Own This Joint

(Truthstream Media) With the killing of LaVoy Finicum and the standoff at the Oregon Malheur Wildlife Refuge still fresh on everyone’s mind, it is worth taking a look at the actions from the other side.

Not the FBI agents and other law enforcement who descended upon the area, but the BLM and other federal agents who engage in bureaucratic land theft, and engage in sometimes nefarious tactics to surround and pressure out land owners who don’t want to sell.

This is what the average TV viewer does not know about why Oregon happened. This is what it looks like when the mafia sends a message.

Watch the video:

Was Donald Trump’s “Emergency Landing” A Final Warning to Exit the Race?

(Truthstream Media) The elite have been gunning for Trump’s anti-establishment campaign – as they have for others in the past like Ron Paul and Ross Perot.

Was the emergency landing by Trump’s private jet – just days after he accused Ted Cruz of stealing the Iowa caucus – more than just a coincidental problem?

Jeb Awkwardly Asks Crowd to “Please Clap,” Gives Everyone Secondhand Embarrassment

Originally posted at The Daily Sheeple

It’s sad enough that Jeb’s team is over there paying people $25 to fill seats at his appearances, otherwise hardly anyone would show up. Now he’s asking the crowd to clap at the moments of his speeches were it says “crowd applause” on the script.

Like this one where he says he’s going to create a more peaceful world… and no one reacts at all.