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Hey guys,

So, it is increasingly clear as the technocracy impinges on our reality that only INDEPENDENCE can allow the truth to emerge and persist. Social media platforms have many advantages – but an increase of censorship, demonetization, burying content and other tactics has made it evident that this new technology can be used to edit history and rewrite the present in real-time. That is why it is imperative that we promote and support that independent content creators we respect and wish to perpetuate.

If you respect our work, please consider contributing a bit here and there to help us sustain and grow our efforts. We rely upon you! Thank you for having our back. No one else does. It is only what we all make of it. After we cover room and board, we’re putting everything we get back into making our films. Have research materials or equipment you think could help? Don’t hesitate to send it.

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