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MKUltra in Norway: Researcher Put Electrodes in People’s Brains for the US Government

Still, the real question is, what exactly was the goal of Sem-Jacobsen's brain research for the US government?

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Scientists Use Brain Stimulation to ‘Make You Stop Believing in God’

Technology is almost always presented to the public in the most benevolent light possible, but let's just cut the crap and be…


How MKUltra Used Subliminals to Control the Minds of America

Subliminal technology used by the government is a matter of "national security". Who knows what level we're at with that kind of…


Are Human Beings Programmable? Dr. José Delgado and Control of the Mind

Free will hangs in the balance of a troubling and wrecked landscape of experimentation and refinement of technological control over human beings.

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Biohackers: “Future generations are going to grow up tinkering not with computers, but with life itself”

DARPA is biohacking life in the interest of ''national security''.