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If You Admit You’re Not a Trump Supporter, It Could Cost Your Job

Saw this article. Made me think.


And the Secretary of State Is… A Fracking Pioneer Who Is Now Steering Geopolitical World Order

Oil is big, but Tillerson's background is awe inspiring in its totality on the balance of the great game. He created a…


Behind the Illusions of Foreign Elections

With all the behind-the-scenes interference, do we really even have to ask if foreign elections just an illusion like American elections?


Insanity 2016 Rant: Same Bullsh*t, Different Puppet Election

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Like voting in American presidential elections.


BOX OF FAIL: With a Pathetic 11% Approval Rating, a Whopping 96% of Congress was Re-Elected

THIS MEME JUST HAPPENED TO AMERICA. And it hurts. Bad. I imagine it's like having a bad case of raging hemorrhoids would…