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Informed Dissent

That Time When a Single Computer Ran An Entire Country

The result was an experiment in technocracy. Beer unleashed what he called "Project Cybersyn: Cybernetics Synergy."

Documenting the Downfall

The Coming Hive Mind: Man/Machine Merger and the Global Transhuman Society

The new man is part of a hive collective, and a collective conscience that yields to the needs of the machine of…


Social Engineering 2.0 Google Algorithm Poses “Serious Threat to Democratic System”

This opens the door wide to politicized "facts" and distorted truths that can be steered and controlled by sophisticated algorithms that can…


Meme: Our Lives Under the Net Neutrality Matrix

So the FCC changed its classification of the Internet, and voted to regulate it under the secretive and bureaucratic rules of "Net…

Documenting the Downfall

Can Revolution Produce Freedom in the Technological Age of Surveillance and Control?

Control through electronic surveillance is totally pervasive now... but can technology produce a strong revolution of freedom, independence and self sufficiency as…