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Media Normalization of Geoengineering: “The Fact Is, We Are Living Through a Test Already”

It's no longer a conspiracy theory...


Wink, Wink: Geoengineers Ready for “First” Open Air Cloud Experiment

After years of critics pointing to the lines in the lines in the sky, the official narrative is catching up with its…

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Geoengineer Ken Caldeira Tells Citizen Journalist to ”Shut the f_<% up!''

Oh, and the guy basically admitted the whole chemtrail program without explicitly admitting it.

The Show

The Truth Is Still Suppressed Out There: Truthstream News Episode 4

Yet another episode takes on the wry developments in the news and a dip into the unexplained with a look at how…

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Big Brother Targets Cali “Water Wasters”: Smart Meters Used to Levy Fines, Cut Water Services

Good luck to some little old lady who forgot to turn her sprinkler off last Tuesday in Long Beach... How long do…