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They Are Trying to Undermine Informed Consent For “Minimal Risk Vaccines and Treatments”

New Law Could Eliminate Informed Consent for Human Experimentation with Vaccines and Meds This is an alarming development that Melissa caught onto...

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In First Ever Animal Case, Feds Approve Unlabeled Genetically Modified Salmon as “Fit for Consumption”

Way to continue approving the raping of Mother Nature, FDA.

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Over 60,000 Pounds of Frozen Chicken Recalled in Just Two Days

by Melissa Melton (Originally published at Ready Nutrition.) Two different lots of frozen chicken products totaling 60,669 pounds have been recalled by...

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New study: FDA-approved levels of aspartame distort brain function, kill brain cells

(First published at Nutritional Anarchy.) As reported before, Aspartame has been shown time and again in studies (the ones not commissioned by...

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The Most Irony Ever: Food Poisoning Strikes Diners at Gov’t Food Safety Summit

(Originally published at Nutritional Anarchy) I’m always making a joke that our overblown government couldn’t even get together and make a noodle...