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This 1967 CIA Memo Is Still Used to Discredit Conspiracy Theorists Today

This is how it worked then and it's clearly still how it works now.

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How Liberal Hipsters Deal with Conspiracy Theorists

This is how the hip, younger NPR crowd advises their counterparts to deal with those awkward situations where someone starts espousing crazy…


What Is This GWEN Tower Really For?

So did GWEN have a darker design? Why build an $11 million network of towers that it would seem had no real…

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Claim: Science Has Proven Conspiracy Theorists Will Literally Believe Anything

Nice to see how the chilling of critical thought post-JFK's murder has metastasized over the last 50 years.

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#PutinIsBack but These #WhereIsPutin Tweets Are Still Hilarious

I can't decide which one is my favorite, the rainbow unicorn or the militarized hummingbird?