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Skull & Bonesman John Kerry Admits They’re Making “Order Out of Chaos” to Create “World Order”

In case you had any inkling of confusion left as to what exactly is going on in the purposeful remapping of the…


Wink, Wink: Geoengineers Ready for “First” Open Air Cloud Experiment

After years of critics pointing to the lines in the lines in the sky, the official narrative is catching up with its…

Box Of FailScience & Tech

Geoengineer Ken Caldeira Tells Citizen Journalist to ”Shut the f_<% up!''

Oh, and the guy basically admitted the whole chemtrail program without explicitly admitting it.


Australian PM Top Advisor: Climate Change “About a New World Order Under the Control of the UN”

By Melissa Dykes | Originally published at The Daily Sheeple  This is the kind of quote that would have made big headlines...

Documenting the DownfallDoublespeak

‘Idle Car’ Bill in NY Pays Citizens to Record, Snitch on Drivers

Environmental offenses are carrying increasingly heavy prices, as the 21st Century tends towards tightly controlled urban living.