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How the Trilateral Commission Superseded Control of the U.S. Economy in 1970s

Editor’s Comment: Henry Kissinger once called the Trilateral Commission a ‘government in exile.’ His cooperation with them was inherent in his tight-knit...


The List — Bilderberg 2016: Middle Class Becomes Aimless as Tech Takes Over

This 2016 Bilderberg Meeting will be characterized by its focus on the growing underclass of "precariats" with insecure jobs and no future…

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The Video Game that Made Elon Musk Question Whether Our Reality is a Simulation

The similarities between the real cosmos and the game cosmos presented by No Man’s Sky have actually provoked philosophers and scientists to…

Documenting the Downfall

What Happens When Cops Pull Over the Elite in America Vs. the Rest of Us

This video shows you what a traffic stop looks like when someone in the upper American echelon, someone like a former governor,…


Artificial Intelligence Takes the Battlefield: Who Is Really Running Jade Helm 15?

It seems "JADE" is an acronym for a DARPA-developed A.I. quantum computing technology that will be in charge of the drill -…