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The American Dream Has Been Downsized into a Tiny Box

Hello everyone. George Carlin once said, “That’s why they call it the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it,” but this is more like a waking nightmare or a psych experiment (or both). Here’s the solution to problem + reaction, a solution they’ve brought people down to the point of accepting. If you thought we already had a mental health crisis on our hands, just wait until you see the new updated “American Dream”.

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Aaron & Melissa Dykes

Aaron and Melissa created Truthstream Media as an outlet to examine the news, place it in a broader context, uncover the deceptions, pierce through the fabric of illusions, grasp the underlying factors, know the real enemy, unshackle from the system, and begin to imagine the path towards taking back our lives, one step at a time, so that one day we might truly be free...

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