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Free Speech and Shutting Down the Vaccine Debate

This is a much bigger issue beyond whether or not you are “pro” or “anti” vaccines. It’s about free speech in a society where the public square has gone digital, and major corporations, political leaders, and so-called scientific “experts” are going to start deciding what people are allowed to see, discuss, and know.

If you don’t share this one, it’s probably going to get buried.

FYI: Additional research reveals that Peter Hotez reportedly received “the first” grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation circa 2000 — to the tune of $18 million to tackle tropical diseases. This is before Hotez received a grant circa 2007 for $52 million – totaling at least $70mil in Gates Foundation backing, according to the May 13, 2007 edition of The Harford Courant.

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These are ties that bind, wrapping this agenda up around the often impugned Clinton Global Initiative, United Nations, and an orbit of celebrities connected to that scene. Some of the goals may be good in theory, but good fruits don’t come from corrupt roots…

We’re just reporting; you be the judge.

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