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“Politics Has Separated Us All”: A Quiet Rant on My First Trip to Washington DC

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Melissa Dykes May 30, 2024

The latest video happened spontaneously after I was sitting out on my back porch the other night during a thunderstorm. I started to consider the difference between what’s in a child’s mind who only sees things on a television (tell-a-vision) versus what it’s like as an adult with life experience who has actually studied history to go visit a place in real life for one’s self.

Sometimes I wonder if the many people across this country who fail to ask any critical questions in the name of upholding the status quo are approaching our political reality like that.

Maybe too many are approaching the problem as if it’s elsewhere, a vague memory from childhood or a punchline on a night time talk show, not a real thing that’s really happening to us all.

Maybe too many people don’t understand or simply forgot how this relationship is actually supposed to work.

I actually do still believe things can change and for the better, but not if everyone keeps pretending the emperor is dressed up to the nines when the guy is running around out there with no pants on laughing in their faces.

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Melissa Dykes

Co-founder of Truthstream Media, I’m an investigative journalist who digs into mainstream narratives and hidden history to uncover and bring to light the real story we haven’t been told about the world around us.

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