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The Not So Occult Symbolism at Burning Man 2023

An esoteric analysis of this year’s Burning Man ritual, which was supplanted by fires and floods, suggests some very interesting themes including an America increasingly at war with Russia.

In a symbolic deluge, they brought the war here.

“The performance of Burning Man occurs in cyclic time. My intentions is to create a temporal axis…”

— Larry Harvey, co-founder of Burning Man

“Burning Man attendees straggling out like refugees from a mud-torn country”

— 2023 Reno Gazette Journal headline

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Aaron & Melissa Dykes

Aaron and Melissa created Truthstream Media as an outlet to examine the news, place it in a broader context, uncover the deceptions, pierce through the fabric of illusions, grasp the underlying factors, know the real enemy, unshackle from the system, and begin to imagine the path towards taking back our lives, one step at a time, so that one day we might truly be free...

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