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Science Is Starting to Catch Up to the Sci-Fi Film Gattaca

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Melissa Dykes Mar 08, 2019

So now they’re claiming in the next 20 years, genetically engineered babies made from a single person’s modified stem cells will be bred in artificial wombs, and 75-year-old women will be able to start new families once more.

You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried. It’s like we’re about to live in the film Gattaca.

Main sources:

Transhumanist science will free women from their biological clocks

Artificial Wombs Are Coming, but the Controversy Is Already Here

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Melissa Dykes

Co-founder of Truthstream Media, I’m an investigative journalist who digs into mainstream narratives and hidden history to uncover and bring to light the real story we haven’t been told about the world around us.

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