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They’re Spending Billions to Chip Our Brains

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Aaron Dykes Nov 12, 2017

Get right up to the creepy line… and way beyond!

A microchip in your brain? They’re spending billions to make this a reality within the next decade. Will you accept it?

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Bryan Johnson invests $100 million in Kernel to unlock the power of the human brain

SUPERHUMANS: Chips inserted in brains will give us MIND-BLOWING abilities within years

Kernel’s Quest to Enhance Human Intelligence

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Aaron Dykes

Aaron Dykes is a co-founder of Truthstream Media. As a writer, researcher and video producer who has worked on numerous documentaries and investigative reports, he uses history as a guide to decode current events, uncover obscure agendas and contrast them with the dignity afforded individuals as recognized in documents like the Bill of Rights.

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