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Science & Tech

The Covert Drive to Contain Consciousness and Control Reality

“Consciousness? It’s really information processing. The brain handles that. The brain is a computer. We’re learning how to build a better brain…”

Connect-the-DotsDocumenting the Downfall

Why The System Is Set For Tyranny: The High-Tech Collectivist State

Once the powers are created to control the masses, and force everyone (or even most) onto a centrally-controlled, automated system, the abuse…

Love > Fear

A System Where We’re All Merely Cogs in a Broken Machine, Nothing More

We live in a world where we are told the antonym to magic is reality.

FeaturedOur Health

Are Artificial Sports Turfs Linked to Cancer?

(Truthstream Media) Are petrochemicals in artificial sports turfs causing cancer? Millions of kids and professional athletes all over the world play on...