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2017 AND BEYOND: Melissa & Aaron Dykes On SGT Report

"Fake news" and other scenery of today, with a sense of what is coming down the line in 2017.


The Elite Knew Mass Unemployment and Unrest Was Coming Long Ago

What happens when the jobs are gone? What will people do, and how will they afford to live?

Documenting the Downfall

Why Are College Students Screwing Themselves over to Barely Make More Money Than People Did in 1979?

Hope. That's the only reason I can figure. The promise of the American Dream. It's a dream because the reality is, it…


Secrecy Defines Trans-Pacific Partnership Deal as Opponents Decry Threat to Jobs

(Truthstream Media) Critics are mounting in Congress and across the country over the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), making a major issue out of...


My Personal Response to First Lady Michelle Obama’s “I’m First” Video

(Truthstream Media) First lady Michelle Obama has been making the rounds lately to promote the federal student loan program. CNS News reports...