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Two Historic Media Events Created to Hide Top Secret Missions

(Truthstream Media) Think you know history? What about these major events, contrived to cover for top secret operations.  Ready  for the real...


Another Mass Shooting Just in Time to Flip the Script

It's Wag the Dog, as programmed, top story, ta-da, like clockwork.


Last-Minute Warning: Anticollision Systems Unreliable off East Coast for Entire Month of September Due to Navy Drill

Something fishy is going on...


Tell-Tale Sign of a Crisis Actor?

Something is not right here... This video is actually very hard to watch.


What Are the Odds? Guy Caught Plotting Violent Jihad Against Capitol as Republicans Holding Out on DHS Funding Bill

Right on time like clockwork the FBI has stopped a violent jihad plan to blow up the Capitol building and kill members…