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The Open and Shut Case of Lee Harvey Oswald, Lone Assassin

If there's one thing the official story is, it's definitely a story

Vaccine in vial with syringe. Vaccination concept.  3d
Connect-the-DotsOur Health

Vaccines, Dead Doctors, and Depopulation: If You Haven’t Seen This Video, You Should

Is the addition of a known immune-system inhibiting enzyme that leaves all of us and our children immune compromised from birth being…


Scot Free: How the JFK Conspirators Got Away

The game is rigged, and the fix is in... as depicted in this sketch from The Kentucky Fried Movie back in 1977.

Science & Tech

Who Needs a Billboard? New Ads of the Future Will Be Beamed Directly into Your Head

Wasn't it George Orwell's 1984 that talked about how the mind was the last refuge?


Planned Obsolescence: Shiny Toys for Human Pets

(Truthstream Media.com) The game is, of course, rigged. Admittedly, technological devices all around us, in our everyday lives are planned to fail...