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America Needs a 21st Century Church Committee

It's as if accountability no longer exists...


What Eisenhower REALLY Said About the “Military Industrial Complex”

''It was more than enough to take on the military and private industry. I couldn’t take on the Congress as well.''

Documenting the Downfall

This Study Proves Congress Literally Doesn’t Care What You Think

Congress literally does not care what the people think. Now you have a study with more than twenty years of data and…

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Monsanto Owns the Government: the House Just Banned GMO Labeling

While this shouldn't surprise those of us already clued in to the fact that the American government is essentially a front for…

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Congress Somehow Magically Didn’t Notice the FBI Created a ‘Small Air Force’ to Spy on Us?

Our dog is always being wagged. It's so tiring.