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The Covert Drive to Contain Consciousness and Control Reality

“Consciousness? It’s really information processing. The brain handles that. The brain is a computer. We’re learning how to build a better brain…”


Rep. Gabbard Admits CIA’s Plot to Overthrow Assad Could Lead to WWIII with Russia on CNN

Kinda hard to believe she said it to begin with, but not only did she say it, she said it on the…


Meet Allen Dulles: Fascist Spymaster, CIA Operative and Elite Powerbroker

Allen Dulles ruled the nefarious operations of the CIA for a decade before his was ousted by President Kennedy, all while his…

Wikimedia Commons: Gage Skidmore.

Endless CIA Ties: Jeb Bush Intimately Linked to Cartels, Money Laundering and Dirty Deeds

Jeb Bush’s rise to financial and political power in Florida is coupled with a trail of dead bodies, failed banks and savings…


Are Human Beings Programmable? Dr. José Delgado and Control of the Mind

Free will hangs in the balance of a troubling and wrecked landscape of experimentation and refinement of technological control over human beings.