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Latest Vaccine Psyop? ER LOCKED DOWN over Chickenpox

We haven't seen this much fearmongering over a primarily benign disease since the Disneyland measles scarefest.

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Video: Show How Much You Care with a Flu Shot Gift Card!

Exactly how much would you have to hate someone's guts to give them this as a present?

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Vaccine Wars: The Censoring of Rob Schneider

Editor’s Note: This world is so screwed up. By now it should be glaringly clear that anyone who has any critical thinking...

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CDC whistleblower: “I’ve stopped lying.”

Watch the video below for yourself. The CDC’s own Dr. Thompson now says he’s stopped lying… How long will the CDC be...

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Truthstream News 03 Double Episode: About All Those Vaccines…

(Truthstream Media) In this special double episode of Truthstream News, Aaron and Melissa take on the CDC whistleblower and MMR-autism scandal (and...