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It’s Time to Impeach Trump For Dragging Us Into More Unconstitutional War

President Trump didn’t even make it to 100 days before blatantly betraying the American people… It’s not that we’re surprised, we’ve been...

Documenting the DownfallDoublespeak

Desperate Jeb Bush Now Offering “Chest Bumps” for Votes

Despite poll numbers showing he has no chance of winning the nomination, Jeb is not dropping out. He's chest bumping for the…

Documenting the Downfall

What Happens When Cops Pull Over the Elite in America Vs. the Rest of Us

This video shows you what a traffic stop looks like when someone in the upper American echelon, someone like a former governor,…


Meet Allen Dulles: Fascist Spymaster, CIA Operative and Elite Powerbroker

Allen Dulles ruled the nefarious operations of the CIA for a decade before his was ousted by President Kennedy, all while his…


Trump and Sanders Are Side Acts: “Voters Will Come Home to Jeb/Hillary”

The real choice has already been made for you — Selection 2016!