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“Doomsday” Arctic Seed Vault Tapped for First Time in History as Syrian Civil War Threatens Biodiversity

Right now they are remaking the Middle East in every way.

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Over 60,000 Pounds of Frozen Chicken Recalled in Just Two Days

by Melissa Melton (Originally published at Ready Nutrition.) Two different lots of frozen chicken products totaling 60,669 pounds have been recalled by...


How the U.S. Gov’t uses foreign “aid” to force countries to buy GMO seeds

The U.S. government, a revolving door for Big Agra’s biotech, is indeed bullying El Salvador into using genetically modified seeds just as...

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Globalist ‘New Vision’ for Agriculture: A GMO World Takeover

(Truthstream Media) What is now known as organic food today used to just be known as ‘food’ not so long ago. More...


Rockefeller’s Double Game in GMO Foods & Depopulation

(Truthstream Media.com) Worldwide efforts to slow the birthrate through “family planning” and consolidate agriculture while imposing patented GMO seeds is part of...