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Documenting the Downfall

Michigan Border Patrol Is Getting Sued for Ridiculously Claiming Entire State Is a “Constitution-Free Zone” (GOOD)

Our experience with Michigan border patrol was terrifying.


Camp Hero: Secret Site of the Montauk Project Experimentation

There is to the story, as you might imagine.

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Another Snowden Leak, but Be Honest America, Do You Even Care Anymore???

Now you can put Snowden's name in an article title and rest assured people will see it, yawn, stretch, maybe scan the…

Documenting the Downfall

Video: Illegally Detained at an Internal Border Checkpoint

After visiting Big Bend National Park (INSIDE the United States), we were forced to stop at an internal border patrol checkpoint some…

Documenting the DownfallDoublespeak

Exclusive: TSA Quietly Training Armed Officers for Airports

The TSA is systematically training armed officers at gun ranges across the country.