Justice Scalia Already Embalmed, Obama Gets a THIRD Supreme Court Nominee

Was that even a full 24 hours from the time he died that they were already embalming him?


Cartoon Explains Microwave Mind Control and Targeted Individuals to Kids

Revelation of the method and predictive programming always show up together in a nifty little package, don't they?

Box Of FailDocumenting the Downfall

Free Speech Just Died: a Cop Just Ticketed a Street Preacher Because “It’s Illegal to Offend Someone”

We are currently at the thought crime stage.


NOT NORMAL: Oregon Rancher Killing Highlights Police State Dehumanization

We live in a technocratic scientific dictatorship police state. Humanity is being dehumanized so fast they do not even realize it.


Was Donald Trump’s “Emergency Landing” A Final Warning to Exit the Race?

Trump's domination of the polls and public attention is no guarantee that he will get votes, delegates or the nomination. In fact,…