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The Secret Society You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

Have you ever heard about the oculist conspiracy? No? Based on some recently decrypted documents, there appears to be an ultra secretive...

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2017 AND BEYOND: Melissa & Aaron Dykes On SGT Report

"Fake news" and other scenery of today, with a sense of what is coming down the line in 2017.


Just Before the Paris Attacks

If there would have been a meeting to devise a strategy for a false flag terror attack in Paris as part of…


White House Petition Against Mandatory Vaccination Reaches 100,000 Signature Threshold — Will Obama Respond?

We have definitely passed the mark founding father Benjamin Rush warned about if medical freedom was not included in the Constitution like…


Propaganda Pageant for Mandatory Vaccines Underway to Destroy Parental Rights

Vaccines and measles are big news. what is not being reported? As usual, it is the telling conflicts of interest behind the…