Psychopath vs. Empath: The War Between Truth and Deception

By Gary ‘Z’ McGee | Waking Times

“The supreme mystery of despotism, its prop and stay, is to keep men in a state of deception, and cloak the fear by which they must be held in check, so that they will fight for their servitude as if for salvation.” – Baruch Spinoza

Are you fighting for your servitude as if for your salvation? Then you have been well-deceived. You have been sheeple-compromised. Your thoughts are not your own. Your actions are not your own. You are in all ways a conditioned puppet who is under the delusion that it is free, and the psychopaths of the world are your uncompromising puppet masters. The questions you need to be asking yourself are these: “Am I willing to do what it takes to become free? Am I ready for the uncomfortableness of undeceiving myself? Would I rather be slapped by the truth or kissed with a lie? Am I willing to sacrifice my comfortable lie for the uncomfortable truth? Am I strong enough to fall from the “grace” of my delusion onto the hard and unforgiving ground of truth? And most of all: do I have the courage to disobey?”

Total Eugenics System Overview: An Interview on the Techno Death Cult

Interview with Jay Dyer of Jay’s Analysis.

Truthstream’s Aaron Dykes and Jay Dyer discuss the overarching themes of the control system, including details of the Eugenics paradigm, the Scientific Dictatorship, Fabian Socialism, Orwell v. Brave New World and key films containing dystopic themes.

Via Jay: In this interview, Aaron and I discuss Bertrand Russell, the Fabian Society, the Cold War dialectic, breakaway civilization, and a selection of science fiction films Aaron found to be insightful, such as Snowpiercer, Soylent Green, and Zardoz.

Never Satisfied? Why They Bank on Your Unhappiness As a Key to Economic Growth

(Truthstream Media)

What ultimately drives consumer confidence, the stock market and the growth of the economy?

Better middle class jobs, disposable income and a general sense of happiness, or something close to that, no?

Think again.

This poignant video explains the real factors behind economic bliss – and why happiness in the system is diametrically opposed to your happiness: