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Free Speech Just Died: a Cop Just Ticketed a Street Preacher Because “It’s Illegal to Offend Someone”

We are currently at the thought crime stage.

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Jeb Awkwardly Asks Crowd to “Please Clap,” Gives Everyone Secondhand Embarrassment

Pay people to show up and tell them to clap. Sounds like a winning campaign strategy, doesn't it?

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Finnish TV Releases Unintentionally Hilarious PSA on How to Protect Yourself from Rapists

According to Finnish police and public broadcasting, all you need to protect yourself from a would-be rapist is a couple of oven…

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This Really Happened: School Threatens 4th Grader with Sexual Harassment Charges for Writing a Love Letter

Bet you this little boy doesn't even know what sexual harassment means.

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WTF: Parents Are Hiring This Creepy Clown to SCARE Their Kids into Behaving

When parents aren't busy letting iPhones and iPads raise their kids, apparently they're hiring creepy ass clowns to SCARE their kids into…