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Science & Tech

“On the Cusp of a New Era”: New “Editing” Tech Could Permanently Alter the Human Gene Pool Forever

If you haven't seen Gattaca before or in a while, perhaps now is a good time take to look at the future…

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The Real Zombie Apocalypse? Study Finds Average People Check Their Smart Phones 85 TIMES A DAY

Can you believe we live in a world where the average person spends five hours a day on the phone?

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Scientists Use Brain Stimulation to ‘Make You Stop Believing in God’

Technology is almost always presented to the public in the most benevolent light possible, but let's just cut the crap and be…

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Dark Energy, Black Holes, and Other Dimensions but CERN Scientist Says They Have No Idea What They’ll Find

Everything you need to know about what CERN is doing can be summed up in the short statements of this CERN physicist…

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Is CERN the Only One?

Are there other large particle accelerators that we, the general public under a scientific dictatorship, don't know about, as insiders have suggested?