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Our Health

NIH ‘Quack Science’ Studies Shielded from Sequester

(Truthstream Media.com) Amid sequestration budget cuts that threatened national security and shut down White House tours for the kids, the National Institutes...

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Bill Gates Wants to Mess with Your Junk

(Truthstream Media.com) I’m not even kidding. Bill Gates really does want to mess with your junk. He’s even willing to fork over...

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FDA Puts Banned Morning Sickness Pill Back on Market

(Truthstream Media.com) Three decades ago, a morning sickness drug was pulled from pharmacy shelves after hundreds of women sued its distributor over...

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California Abortions, No Doctor Required

(Truthstream Media.com) The Golden State* is about to remove the thin veil of medical legitimacy from its abortion clinics. A new bill...

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Gardasil Victims Awarded Nearly $6 Million

(Truthstream Media.com) After dozens of deaths and thousands of adverse reactions, it’s time to rethink the “safety” of Merck’s human papillomavirus (HPV)...