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Suppressed Memo: Eli Lilly Hid Increase in Suicidal Thoughts and Aggression with Prozac for Years

Eli Lilly, the pharmaceutical giant that brought us Prozac, knew from its own trials it increased suicidal tendencies, but the company kept…


Project Blue Beam: Yes, the Gov’t Researched Projecting Holograms of God as a Mass Psyop

Who was it that said Project Blue Beam is just a "conspiracy theory" again?


Police Brutality and Public Trust of Law Enforcement: 1960s Vs. Today

These poll figures on police from 50 years ago provide a startling glimpse at the rise of the modern American police state.


What Eisenhower REALLY Said About the “Military Industrial Complex”

''It was more than enough to take on the military and private industry. I couldn’t take on the Congress as well.''


How MKUltra Used Subliminals to Control the Minds of America

Subliminal technology used by the government is a matter of "national security". Who knows what level we're at with that kind of…