White House Releases Photo of Obama Posed with a Rainbow, Confirms How Dumb They Think You All Are

(Truthstream Media) This is the decrepit, dirty basement level the White House just stooped to:

For some reason, I thought they finally gave up on that whole “hope and change” propaganda bit once the majority of the people who voted for Obama realized it was utter bullshit. I guess not.

They must actually think the majority of America really is this utterly, mind numbingly stupid.

So yes, they actually are still peddling that Obama as the messiah farting rainbows horse manure. Really? Are the sparkly unicorns and kitten wishes coming next?

What’s the tagline? A pot of welfare (in lieu of gold) at the end of every American’s rainbow?

Media Pushing the Idea That Fukushima Radiation Is Just Fine So Why Not Go Swim in It for Six Hours a Day

by Melissa Melton | Originally published at The Daily Sheeple

The mainstream media and their experts are finally openly admitting that radiation from the crippled nuclear reactor at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, the initial meltdown of which was equivalent to 168 of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima during World War II, has reached North American shoes, but don’t worry.

Everything, according to the system, is just fine and dandy.

CA Bill Banning Childhood Vaccine Exemptions Sponsored by Big Pharma Bought-off Senator Moves Ahead

(Truthstream Media) The latest California bill in response to the measles fearmongering propaganda “scare” which would ban parents from exempting their children from vaccinations on the basis of personal grounds is moving ahead in the state, a bill co-sponsored by a Senator on the Big Pharma take.

Big Brother Targets Cali “Water Wasters”: Smart Meters Used to Levy Fines, Cut Water Services

(Truthstream Media) Welcome to Agenda 21 meets 1984.

During this historic drought in California, so-called “water wasters” are not only being hunted down via their smart meter data and fined up to $500 a day for “wasting water” outside their restricted use times, but now people who have been labeled “water wasters” are also being threatened with having their water completely shut off!

As Was Always the Plan: California Water Authorities Using Smart Meter Data as Evidence to Impose Fines

by Melissa Melton | Originally published at The Daily Sheeple

The smart grid isn’t coming. It’s already here.

Everywhere people’s houses are being fitted if they already haven’t with smart electric meters and smart water meters. These meters communicate real-time usage data via radio frequency (which comes with its own set of health problems).

Essentially, consumption of utilities in your home is being big brother tracked and traced at all times on the smart grid.

Sure, it was sold to everyone as a “smart” solution for keeping consumption in check, that it would decrease utility bills because people could use it to check out how much they use and find smart ways to cut down. (How many people are really even doing that, by the way?)

Not only is this going to be used to serve up “peak pricing” models against the population — to price electricity and water higher during times of higher consumption by the population — it’s also going to be used to allow the people to tattle on themselves via their data, a set up that will come with heavy financial consequences.

As we can see happening now in California during its historic drought, smart meters are also being used by authorities to seek people out and impose fines.