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Documenting the Downfall

The Globalists Want Us to Destroy Ourselves — But They Need Our Help To Do It

This is the globalist’s long game.


Showbox Apk Download for Android – Have Fun Downloading It !

Movie streaming is the most popular way of watching movies online.  It is full of fun and gives you complete freedom to...


Things To Consider While Choosing The Best Gaming Keyboard

These days, gaming has reached its next level because of the presence of many options in terms of Gaming Keyboards and consoles....


Zen Gardner: Humpty Trumpty and the Shear in the Matrix

But all this we’re witnessing is insane, in a nutshell – it always has been, but at least it’s coming out and…

Documenting the Downfall

Keep your Spartan Reserve, Ladies and Gentlemen

Keep your Spartan reserve ladies and gentlemen, if what I see is an indication of what is coming, we are gonna need…