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Boston Marathon Explosion ‘Was a Drill’

(Truthstream Many of the false flag terror attacks to hit American soil have begun with training exercises. UPDATE: Although initial reports...


End the Cycle: Truthstream Breaks the Deception

(Truthstream It’s time to end the cycle — of lies, of deceptions, of outright brainwashing and all-too convenient truths.


Experts: Marathon Bomber Likely ‘Domestic’ Terrorist, ‘Lone Wolf’

(Truthstream The terminology used to describe terrorists is being used to steer response to the Boston bombing, even before anyone knows...


Soylent Green: Society Feeds Off Its People

(Truthstream Spoiler Alert: Soylent Green is people. The classic 1973 dystopic film Soylent Green starring Charlton Heston depicts a world overrun...


Ben & Jerry’s Sticky GMO Position

(Truthstream Are ‘Responsible’ Companies Shunning GMO or Stuck Inside the Big Agra Machine? Ben & Jerry’s, as a Unilever subsidiary, is...