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Machiavelli: Liberty Must Be Destroyed

(Truthstream History repeats itself, and those who make it their business to study it have learned the lessons of power. One...


While Terror Grips the News Cycle, CISPA Vote Looms

(Truthstream UPDATE: CISPA passed the House with a vote of 288-127. While one hand was waving Boston in our faces, the...


Boston Marathon Explosion ‘Was a Drill’

(Truthstream Many of the false flag terror attacks to hit American soil have begun with training exercises. UPDATE: Although initial reports...


End the Cycle: Truthstream Breaks the Deception

(Truthstream It’s time to end the cycle — of lies, of deceptions, of outright brainwashing and all-too convenient truths.


Experts: Marathon Bomber Likely ‘Domestic’ Terrorist, ‘Lone Wolf’

(Truthstream The terminology used to describe terrorists is being used to steer response to the Boston bombing, even before anyone knows...