What is the typical usage of IP?


Usually the IP address is used for local networks. This is a default address for many routers. As the numbers of the unique addresses are less in number, so the IT researchers save some IP address for all local networks. This IP address is used by many modems and ADSL network as by default.

This is your local IP address on your network while there is also another IP address for your device which is public IP. This public IP address is assigned to your device by the internet service provider (ISP).

How can you access your web control panel using this IP address?

Firstly make sure that your device IP address is login. If yes then type this IP address into your browser. A result will be displayed which as your username as well as password. After filling the required information, you will be redirected to the page where you can change your settings as an administrator.

If you don’t know your default username and password, then you should consult manual of the router where you will be able to see your default username and password.

The problems or troubleshoot which people usually find while using this IP address.

  1. Make sure that whether you have types the exact address of your router or not.
  2. Have you written HTTP:// before entering your router IP address? Then delete it and type the IP address This is the most common mistake occur by the people and remember this can be work with this hypertext transfer protocol as well. It is advice to you that you should also check without https because sometimes you will be able to use this IP address.
  3. Whether your firewall on the computer has blocked the address. Make sure that your firewall has access to this address.
  4. You can also solve troubleshoot the problem by restarting your computer.
  5. By resetting your local area connection, you will be able to use your IP address.
  6. Make sure that the connection between your router and your computer is good because the packet of the data has been sent by routers to your computer and the data you posted first goes to the router and then to next router and so on and finally then goes to the recipient where you want to send your data. So to see any result to your browser query, it is essential that the connection between your computer to router and between one router to another router is strong so that you will be able to use your IP address.

There are also other troubleshooting problems which can be solved by you if you have the standard knowledge about things which were discussed and they will help you a lot.

While this IP address is the default and given by the manufacturer but if one wants to change the IP address then you can change it. All you have to do is go through the detailed information of the router manual, and you will understand how it works.