Start Menu Not Working in Windows 10 [Solved]


If you have recently updated to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, variant 1709, also discovered your Start menu isn’t launching, which makes it impossible to utilize the very handy Search feature, you are not alone. This issue is being reported by many 10 consumers. However, no worries, we are here to assist.

The precise cause of the problem varies on unique mixtures of PC surroundings, however, there are so options which will help you mend you’re not functioning Start menu issue until Microsoft rolls out a permanent remedy. Listed below are some of the fixes that are best. You might not need to test them all; till you locate the one functions for you, simply work your way down.

Strategy 1: Relog in Your accounts

Re-logging for your desktop computer is among the least difficult workarounds that you test. You ought to go with this alternative, in case your windows 10 menu not working. This is how you relog in your accounts:

1) In your computer, press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys at precisely the exact same moment. Click on Sign out.

2) Type in your password and then log in again.

3) Assess if your Start menu functions all right today.

When the exact same problem keeps tripping, you might have to try different approaches below.

Strategy 2: Create a new user accounts

1) Right-click the activity bar on your desktop computer in the base and then click on Task Manager.

2) At top of this Task Manager window, then choose File option and select Run new undertaking.

3) Then sort PowerShell and then tick the box to Make this job with administrative privileges. Click on OK.

4) From PowerShell window, then copy and paste from the following command and then press the Enter key on your computer:

Internet user new username new password /insert

We’re utilizing the username “easeware” and password “driver easy” for instance in the screenshot, you can put them in accordance with your taste.

5) Restart your computer and then log in to the new user accounts.

6) Your own Start menu must function now.You can alter the new regional account into a Microsoft accounts and move your own files and preferences.

Strategy 3: Reinstall video card and audio card drivers

Most Windows users state their video card driver and sound card driver would be the offender, particularly after the hottest Windows upgrade, and a significant variety of them obtained their Start menu again as soon as they reinstall or upgrade their movie and audio card drivers into the current correct edition. Here’s What you can do to Receive your own Start menu functioning like a charm

1) Download Screen Driver Updater and utilize it to reboot your present screen card driver.

2) On your computer, press the Windows logo key and X at precisely the exact same time, then click Device Manager.

3) Double-click Audio, video and game control. Right-click then click Uninstall device and your card driver.

4) When prompted with the subsequent telling, tick the box to Delete the driver program for the device and click on Uninstall.

5) Restart your computer following the uninstall of the video card driver along with your audio card driver.

6) Moving ahead, you have to upgrade your video and audio card driver.

Guide drivers upgrade — It is possible to upgrade your driver’s bu visiting the maker’s site and looking for the latest drivers that are correct. Be aware that if you’re a laptop customer, then you need to visit the manufacturer for the video driver that is proper, because drivers from audio card maker or chipset manufacturer may not include notebook.