It’s Time to Impeach Trump For Dragging Us Into More Unconstitutional War


President Trump didn’t even make it to 100 days before blatantly betraying the American people…

It’s not that we’re surprised, we’ve been warning about this for a long time now, but dragging the American people into more war and specifically into a larger world war are completely outrageous.

Every American should be outraged; and Donald Trump should be the most quickly impeached and removed president in American history.

(Not that anyone will hold their breath for Congress to do something moral or right…)

Not only did POTUS Trump take the bait on the ludicrous false flag event billed as “Assad’s chemical attack on children” and almost immediately initiate a strike against Syria (a strike US ships were already waiting on the ready to commit before the supposed chemical attack even took place), but he is simultaneously meeting with the president of China reportedly to clear what we’re told will may be a preemptive strike against North Korea as well.

It is now clear that a strike against North Korea is not just rhetoric and talk, but something that could actually happen without a moment’s notice, even to Congress.

Will someone not draw up the articles for impeachment and get the ball rolling?

At the time, I was strongly in favor of impeaching George W. Bush for illegal war and related crimes against the American people, the Constitution and humanity at large.

Now today, President Trump is proving that he is, and plans to be, a George W. Bush II on steroids who will initiate war at a time chosen by his most intimate backers whenever they feel like it.

He is a continuation of the establishment’s war machine, not a monkey wrench in their plans. In an era of in-your-face fake news, why people believed the mainstream media when they made it seem like Trump was a problem for the establishment — when the mainstream media lies about everything else — is beyond us at this point. There is no such thing as bad press. Today, media outlets sternly against Trump are suddenly all for him now because he bombed Syria. Liar Brian Williams even referred to the unconstitutional strike as “beautiful”.

If you haven’t done so yet, please meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Check out the more detailed comments made by Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change in this video:

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