They Are Trying to Undermine Informed Consent For “Minimal Risk Vaccines and Treatments”

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New Law Could Eliminate Informed Consent for Human Experimentation with Vaccines and Meds

This is an alarming development that Melissa caught onto – the Department of Health and Human Services is discussing how to water down or eliminate “informed consent” from vaccines, prescription drugs, chemotherapy treatment and other human experimentation that the state has deemed ‘good for you’ and ‘safe’ (or at least minimal harm).

The flimsy regulations over drugs, medications, vaccinations, and the hypocritical regulatory harm that is done by writing laws and policies that directly benefit corporations or exempt research from stricter standards for safety and efficacy are the open door to controlling individual people as a herd.

Loss of sovereignty is built in to an acceptance of thinning the herd, herd immunity, herd medicine and the larger dynamics of social conformity and group think indoctrination.

If our inherent rights of health freedom are trampled upon, and if “informed consent” is thrown out the window for “conformed (manufactured) consent” then our society will quickly become the docile and vapid one that H.G. Well depicted in his thinly-veiled eugenics treatise in “The Time Machine.”

If a government or private authority can compel you to take a vaccine, or receive a medical treatment (as it has done with chemo), then people become slaves who must only do as they are told.

IF enough good people do not speak out and stop this from happening, then humanity will be passively accepting and tacitly consenting to their own enslavement, accepting the worst power dynamic in socio-political negotiations, and descending into a lobotomized and ill-informed sub-human caste state at the wrong end of human resources exploitation.

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