Continuity of Agenda: Thousands of US Troops Being Sent to Combat in Syria?


The US has been raining hellfire missiles, cluster bombs, depleted uranium and drone strikes on the Middle East for the past 15+ years… And how are things? Look around. Afghanistan is now called our longest war. Last year the Pentagon got caught being dishonest by omission about how many troops were in Iraq, then announced in the fall they were sending hundreds more.

No, these aren’t “advisors” either; they are absolutely involved in ground combat. At first in December Army Colonel Steve Warren told reporters the troops are only there to, “simply shoot back if somebody shoots at them.” Then last month, Air Force Col. John Dorrian, the spokesman for the military coalition fighting ISIS, told reporters the US is “absolutely” in combat, saying, “Absolutely. When someone is shooting at you, that is combat, yes.” These troops are fully embedded on the front lines with Iraqi and other coalition troops, boots all over the ground.

Meanwhile, throughout the entire Obama administration’s supposed fight against ISIS, a known CIA-Mossad operation, all ISIS ever did was get stronger, driving around the desert in a fleet of Toyota trucks and fighting with US weapons and meeting with Senator John McCain.

Trump claimed he was against the war in Iraq during his campaign, so are we done now? Is he bringing the troops home now that he’s president?

No. He’s expanding the wars that Bush started and Obama continued.

As Chris Rossini of the Ron Paul Liberty Report points out,

We really could have skipped all the arduous debate on Iraq during the last presidential campaign. First, Trump was against the Iraq war from the very beginning … Then supposedly he was for the war, before he was against it … Trump denied that and insisted that he was always against the monstrous disaster in Iraq.

You know what all of that amounts to? Nothing but a big waste of time.

Now that actions are being chosen, and we’ve moved beyond mere words, it’s clear that President Trump has decided to make his contribution to the madness in the Middle East.

Trump has already doubled the number of troops in Syria to nearly 1,000. Defense Secretary James Mattis delivered a preliminary plan at the end of February that would involve sending 5,000 US troops to Syria, something Obama’s team had planned to do back when he disingenuously claimed Assad “crossed the red line” but he couldn’t get enough public support and had to backpedal.

They’re behind schedule, so not only has Trump ordered even more drone strikes —

— but he has also granted the CIA sweeping new powers to bypass the Pentagon to order those strikes (powers the agency started using in February), and doubled the number of boots on the ground in Syria to the most US troops ever in Syria, but also another 2,500 troops are reportedly being sent to a staging base in Kuwait right now, awaiting orders for deployment to either Iraq or Syria.

Has the US ever officially declared war in Syria?

If so, I must have missed it.

It’s only a war if you call anti-Assad-regime “forces” (made up of a mish mash of ISIS and al Qaeda) “discreetly” backed by the US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel getting slammed by Russian-backed Syrian government forces a “war”.

But lies will continue to get sold to the American people as to why more Americans must go fight and die in the Middle East for an empire building, regime changing mission to remap the place. In March 9 testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee, head of U.S. Central Command Army General Joseph Votel said, “I think as we move more towards the latter part of these operations into more of the stability and other aspects of the operations we will see more conventional forces requirements perhaps.”

Perhaps nothing. Trump just pledged to bolster the already burgeoning defense budget another $54 billion, a move congressional Republicans whined was “not enough”. The new president and his administration have been calling out Iran, China, Russia, and North Korea. He’s surrounded himself with top military brass, CIA contractors, and more Goldman Sachs squids than most people with lives have time to count.

A Pentagon spokesperson told CNBC a few weeks ago, “the plan to defeat the Islamic State is ‘a broad plan that’s global’ in scope and ‘not just military, [and] it is not just Iraq and Syria’.” In other words, the truly neverending war on terror.

All signs point to a whole lot more war.

From Bush to Obama to Trump… Everything we’re seeing is merely a continuity of agenda. That’s it and that’s all.

There are countless other examples, including the fact that the letters of condemnation sent to the owners of the land to build “Trump’s border wall” are dated January 12th and come from the Obama Administration, but are ultimately based on border wall legislation passed under George W. Bush in 2006. They can put a different face on it and change up the propaganda every four or eight years to garner more support, but it’s meet the new boss, same as the old boss because the president isn’t really the boss. It’s all just continuity of agenda.

In closing, Rossini makes another great point, quoting a passage penned by Murray Rothbard in 1968.

Take out the word “Vietnam” and replace it with “Afghanistan” or “Iraq” and you tell me — is there any difference at all?

A lot of people throughout the country are beginning to realize that getting into the Vietnam war was a disastrous mistake. In fact, hardly anyone makes so bold as to justify America’s entrance into, and generation of, that perpetual war. And so the last line of defense for the war’s proponents is: Well, maybe it was a mistake to get into the war, but now that we’re there, we’re committed, so we have to carry on.

A curious argument. Usually, in life, if we find out that a course of action has been a mistake, we abandon that course and try something else. This is supposed to be the time-honored principle of ‘trial and error.’ Or if a business project or investment turns out to be an unprofitable venture, we abandon it and try investing.

Only in the Vietnam war do we suddenly find that, having launched a disaster, we are stuck with it forevermore and must continue to pour in blood and treasure until eternity.