30 Million Dead: Bill Gates Sees a Genetically Engineered Bioweapon Triggering the Next Global Pandemic

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(Truthstream Media) As if things weren’t already eerie enough, this billionaire extraordinaire foresees a new deadly strain of a lab-engineered virus emerging as a new threat that could wipe out tens of millions or even hundreds of millions.

With the guile of a Hegelian tactician, he puts us all in a bind between the fear of a deadly pandemic, and the false solution of submission to increased security measures, health emergencies and vaccine mandates.

The deafening sound of propaganda about the need for health services on a global scale, the need to eradicate communicable diseases, and the prevent the spread of diseases has all kept awareness of the due criticisms to a dull roar. Few have thought about the full ramifications of the whirling global health agenda, and why we might all regret its power and influence.

But in the aftermath of a truly deadly outbreak, few will be bothered will tracing back its origins to biowarfare laboratories, or genetic engineering institutions inside government agencies, university departments, private contractors or even rogue individuals. Fewer still will be in a position to do anything about it.

Yet, there is a frightening cat-and-mouse game in which the “excess population” is continually hung in the balance of threats from nature and man to balance each other out by wiping out large numbers of people who are ultimately seen as part of the problem.