If You Admit You’re Not a Trump Supporter, It Could Cost Your Job


Saw this article. Made me think.

(The following is not a response to the article itself or its author, but to the topic that it discusses.)

Hmmm… where I used to work, I would have probably lost my job or been forced out if I admitted that I’m not pro-Trump. I know someone who this did happen to.

As it stands, I am (probably) about to lose a source of writing revenue due to my political leanings (or lack thereof)… and it will ultimately be due to behind the scenes pressure, subtle cues, veiled threats and the need for everyone to ‘get onboard.’

I don’t know everything; I have made mistakes and at times poor judgement; my outlook and perspective have always shifted as I learn more and grow, but I still have my principles, and will not easily give them up. I still stand for liberty, freedom, the Bill of Rights; I oppose and see through the left-right paradigm, the over-reach of government, as well as the influence of Wall Street – Goldman Sachs example no. 1 – and corporate lobbyists, of secret societies and elite orgs, among many others. I still know that 9/11 was the most satanic act ever done by this government and other “friends.” It was not an attack done by Muslim hijackers, but of continuity of government contractors operating above the levels of at least a half dozen governments. This agenda still continues in the Middle East, renewed by the faces of ISIS and Trump, to replace al Qaeda and Bush.

At this point, I have learned some valuable lessons and gained some personal insights into pied-pipers, misleaders, dupes, operatives and conspiracies in my time around the block once or twice.

As others have jumped on the bandwagon, and tacitly supported a new war with Iran and the creation of a police state that none one would want to live in, a few people have stood by their principles – and are staring agape at all the people they thought stood with them who have now endorsed the new evil. Who were those people? Were they who they said they were from the beginning? What do they really stand for?

I rebuke what has become of everyone’s energy, trust and effort to turn this around (was it wasted?). I pray for and weep for those who have bought into the “alt right” myth. I’m not sure what Trump was personally involved in, but I do know about the involvement of others. For those who were part of this coup and coopting of “the movement” in a witting way, who knowingly deceived and misled decent and daring patriotic Americans, I see through you. I rebuke you.

As for the rest of you, it is time yet again to “wake up.”