The Final Straw That Made Me Decide to Homeschool My Kid

Documenting the Downfall

And no, I bet it isn’t really what you think.

Because I have realized for a long time that school is about social indoctrination more than about actual book learning or fostering a child’s intellect and creativity. It’s about programming with political agendas and doctored versions of history. Why do you think high schools across America force students to watch CNN Student News five days a week? Actually most parents don’t even realize CNN Student News is a thing that exists. I also know that, in a nation that puts more people per capita in prison than any other on the face of the planet, we have a disgusting school-to-prison pipeline problem… And all of that is before we even get to the magical brain candy that is common core math.

Like I say in the video below: sending one’s child to the average American public school is like putting him through a game of Mouse Trap every day and just hoping he doesn’t come back physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually damaged in some way.

Good luck with that.

But this is the event that finally made me decide to find a way to take my seven year old out of public school.

A Little Backstory Real Quick…

My son was infinitely bored at school. They already moved him up a grade, but it didn’t matter. He talked too much and would randomly get up in class and start doing other stuff because he got done with things early. He was bored. B-O-R-E-D. And he was always getting in trouble for it. One day he checked out what he thought was the hardest book in the library, read it in a few days, then told me, “I’m done mom, I beat that school!” like it was a video game challenge or something.

Three weeks into the new school year just before they decided to bump him up to second grade, I got a call from his principal. Apparently a kid whose personal hobby was to bully my son stole my son’s water bottle and took off with it on the playground. (Water bottles are very important to kids in Texas schools.) My son was chasing him down to get it back. The kid ran up the slide to get away and my son chased him up there and was yanking on this kid’s leg to try and get him back down. (Later the principal told me it wasn’t the kid’s fault for being a bully and a thief because the kid had developmental disabilities/ADHD, as if to paint my kid to be someone who picks on mentally disadvantaged kids or something, which is absolute bullshit.)

About this time his teacher, quite a tall, stocky man, saw what was going on and claimed my son was trying to rip this other boy down off the slide which could really hurt him. While that’s technically true, in my son’s eyes, he was just trying to get his water bottle back from a bully and he’s seven, so it isn’t exactly the vicious, premeditated violent crime this teacher made it out to be…

It should be noted that this teacher and my son never got along actually, with the teacher already deciding my kid was a “problem child”. This is the teacher who, when he thought any of the kids were “acting out,” would get right down and put his face maybe two inches from theirs to discuss punishment in an eerily quiet way that scared the crap out of my kid and made him feel all kinds of uncomfortable around the guy. This teacher yanked my son away from the slide. Hard. My son responded by biting this man.

Not that I condone biting, but to be fair, if a large man yanked on me really hard like that, I would probably bite him too.

Sometime after my son spent hours in the principal’s office having a “nice long talk,” I got a call to come up to the school for my own little chat. What happened next, however, shocked me.

Still to this day I can’t believe that it really happened… and this is why I knew that, despite working two jobs, I knew I had to find a way to homeschool my kid.

Watch this:

Ever seen the movie Idiocracy? Because we’re there, people. It’s not just a movie. We’re there.