Question: Does Rare “Thunderstorm Asthma” Just Sound Made Up or What?

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So… Is the mainstream media just playing a game now to see how much nonsense they can get people to believe without question?

I guess I’m one of the “crazy tin foil hatters” actually voicing my thoughts out loud here, but this story just sounds made up. No one I know who I’ve discussed it with in my own personal life or in social media circles is buying it, and that even includes people who aren’t normally conspiratorial.

Beyond that, the fact that anyone would automatically accept this explanation as valid without even a slight pause is proof we live in a scientific dictatorship. This society relies way too much on mainstream media reports and so-called “expert” explanations — no matter how utterly ridiculous and contrived they sound — and not enough on trusting their own critical thinking skills and common sense… which sadly may not be so common anymore.

The various implications of this story are horrifying and the supposed threat of ultra rare “thunderstorm asthma” isn’t the reason why.

Question everything.