Keep your Spartan Reserve, Ladies and Gentlemen

Documenting the Downfall

Editor’s Note: Popeye, of Down the Rabbit Hole and, makes some very thought-provoking points in the article and video below. A lot of supposedly “awake,” liberty-minded people are snoring really loudly right now, having obviously taken the blue pill and fallen back to sleep following the latest presidential selection. We addressed this in a recent video “Where Did the Liberty Movement Go?”

The only point we might beg to differ with Popeye on is the “defeat” of the Clintons. That lady isn’t going anywhere. She’s like a Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street or Jason or Michael Meyers.

You know she’s probably just waiting in the shadows for one more jump scare…

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The video clip below from the movie 300 is how I feel right now watching the celebrating as people believe the war against the powers that shouldn’t be has been won, when in reality only a single battle has been won.

The war for humanity’s true freedom still rages on. The dark NWO agenda is still moving forward. Only the Clintons have been defeated, not their masters who really run things.

That is, after all, the entire point of having front-men/women in the public eye to take the blame, and the fall if needed, so the general public is kept at a controllable level. Those front-men/women are thrown under the bus and used as emotional and political pressure relief valves. Judging by the people surrounding themselves around President Elect Trump, understanding the reality of the problem, and not allowing my emotions to be manipulated, I can see what’s coming.

Yes, it is great that one of the most corrupt politicians in the world had her personal ambitions dashed, but that doesn’t mean the dark agenda has been stopped at all. Keep your Spartan reserve ladies and gentlemen, if what I see is an indication of what is coming, we are gonna need it.