“When the Real World Is Not Enough”: Many Among Us Are Literally Living in a Fantasy World

Science & Tech

What happens when the masses lose all touch with reality?

People have become unsatisfied with the conditions of life in the political and social world and ‘real life’… and are increasingly retreating to a fantasy and virtual world that few are able to retreat from.

And a few people are being driven to the brink, on the edge of insanity when they are forced to withdraw from life online. Children are becoming totally immersed… somewhere else altogether.

I mean, wow. Just let it all sink in for a minute that the ‘Tune in, Turn on, Drop Out‘ theme of Timothy Leary and the Woodstock generation has been regenerated in the high tech digital world of total hedonistic feedback-holding pens.

They keeping saying the future is here… well the future, is in many ways, kinda lame. I kind of expected better.

This documentary from RT speaks to the zeitgeist of these themes… this transitions in human behavior, and the increasing need to fuel one’s purpose, identity and sense of strength through outlets that are quite different from how they used to be in the real world.