The Followers: Republican/Democrat (2016 Documentary)

Documenting the Downfall

(Truthstream Media) A documentary by Kenneth Webb on the 2016 election ritual that has hundreds of millions of Americans caught up in the illusion that their voice is being heard, the false belief that the Washington psychodrama has anything in the cards other than control of the masses.

Via ChangeDaChannel:

Throughout history, the followers have done the evil deeds of their masters without question. This has been accomplished through manipulation. This documentary breaks down how deep their programming has progressed using the Republican/Democrat parties as a guide line. Going through a brief history then moving on through the years of 2008-2016 , this documentary shines light on the psychological battle that’s going on around us every day and begs the question, “Am I a follower?”

Perhaps we can figure that out by examining some history, testing ourselves to see if we can tell the difference between dueling followers; How two sides are divided by the control of words that invoke hatred and a false reality and more. I hope this film wakes something up inside you. Just working on it myself, it made me look deeper into myself and the actions of others around me.

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